Ushuaia Jailhouse museum

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Ushuaia Jailhouse museum.
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.Season: All year,
.Open: From 10.00 AM to 09.00 PM
.Lasts:you can stay all the time the museum is open.
.In the afteroon at 18.30 hours there is shared guided tour and is included in the entrance fee.
.Lasts: Full Day
.Dificultty: None. Suitable for all ages.

The museum is located on the streets Yaganes and Gobernador Paz, only 200 meters away from downtown Ushuaia, in the Navy Base.The jailhouse has been preserved in the same condition it was when still had prisoners over 70 years ago. During our visit, we will walk along its corridors, which reflects the conditions in which the prisoners once lived. The history of this jailhouse is closely connected to the city of Ushuaia, since the idea had been to colonize the city by settling jailhouses in it. The prisoners that were sent here worked in some of its 30 workshops, manufacturing items for the city, or they worked outside the jailhouse building streets, bridges and constructing buildings, apart from the exploitation of the forests. In the Navy Museum there is an exposition displaying ship models that show the development of ship making in the last 5 centuries, among which you can see the Trinidad de Hernando de Magallanes (Magellan) and a scale model of the original famous Lighthouse at the End of the World.




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