Martial Glacier area tour

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Martial Glacier area.
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.Season: All year.
.Lasts: 3-4 hours
.How to get there: By taxi or remis. You can call a taxi in your hotel and in 15 minutes you reach the Martial area.
.Dificultty: Moderate. The main obstacle is the ski slope is very steep along + - 600
meters, then the increase is moderate, suitable for all ages who enjoy trekking.
This ascent can be made via the chairlift.anyway coming to the base is enough to enjoy this beautiful area.
.Physical Requirements: It is aimed at people in good physical condition.
.Outfit: Sport shoes or trekking boots. Comfortable sports wear, long trousers,
warm sweater or pile, water or windproof jacket, sun glasses, sun block, gloves.


This a free tour, you can get there by taxi/remis and in only 10 minutes reach the Martial Glacier area,
Here are located the Ushuaia Andean ski Club, Inns and tea houses, amid a beauty landscape in the midst of an Andean Patagonian forest.
In this area operates a chairlift that connects with the
Ski Track and arrive to the vantage viewpoint from where overlooking the Martial Glacier, the city, the Ushuaia bay, the Beagle Channel and the Andes Mountain. Here begin the path to the Club Andino Ushuaia shelter. At this point, you can continue, only if you come with a mountain guide, following the path up arrive to the foot of the Martial Glacier.
After the visit you can walk down the hill and less than 1 km , you will find "Chez Manu", a famous
restaurante, "to end the day with a fantastic dinner, enjoying beautiful panoramic views.


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