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Cerro Castor.
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.Season: July to mid-September. The winter season is always determined by the snow that Cerro Castor has on those dates
.Difficulty: For all levels, from beginners in ski schools to the most difficult slopes only for experienced skiers.
.Distance from Ushuaia city: + - 22 kilometers


The Fuegian mountains have the perfect contours to practice this sport..
The main resort is Mount Castor, located 26 Km away from Ushauia . The difficulty of the runs goes from green to black, allowing skiers of all
levels to face them. The resort counts on three lifting means suitable to  transport 5,000 people an hour, divided in three basic stretches, to 480 masl
and from there to the top, each of which have bars and restaurant of international level.
The resort counts on daily transportation and you can rent equipment for ski, snowboard, snowblade and skifox. There is also a ski, snowboard and snowblade school, with more than 60 instructors
and a first aid room with an ambulance 24 hs.


Ski slopes


Castor has 23 slopes and a snowpark, with a total of 24 km of tracks, many of them homologated by the International Ski Federation (FIS).
They have an unequaled quality of snow throughout the season. This phenomenon occurs for several reasons; The mountain is south slope, which is the best Orientation for this hemisphere; It is also located at the parallel of 54 south latitude, and thus maintains low temperatures and couples throughout the winter.
The ski area is 600 ha and the ski slope is 800 meters.
The tracks are maintained with four Kassbohrer Gelandedefahrzeug AG snow-stepper machines, which guarantee an even tread on the entire surface, including walls, Unevenness, undulations and places of difficult access.
At the base you work with a machine that resets and distributes the snow equally in all the Villa Castor.
It also has an artificial snow system from the base to the height of 480 meters. With 5 guns placed every 200 meters, this ensures snow to the
Base throughout the season.


Lifting equipment


The media are strategically located and have the highest technology.
They were designed and distributed for optimum utilization of the mountain, extending the kilometers to its limit and with capacity to transport
6500 people / hour.
The complex has 3 quadruple chairlifts, 4 telesky and a bambiLift




The rental shop has a capacity of 1500 teams of top-quality sky, High-Carving-Sky


WORKSHOP: We have a high-level workshop, with 2 numerical control machines, thus ensuring that rental equipment is maintained in
Perfect conditions and provide services to those who bring their own equipment.


Ski school


Cerro Castor has a ski school with bilingual instructors for all ages and levels.


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