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Ushuaia and Iguazu waterfalls.
Ushuaia travel packages


.Season: All year.
.Departures: Daily
.Duration: 6 days. If the return flight from Ushuaia is not before 19.00 hours its possible to make it in 4 days.
If the arrival flight in Puerto Iguazu i before 11.00 AM its posisble to make it in 5 days.
.Dificultty: None. Suitable for all ages.
.Physical Requirements: It is aimed at people in good physical condition, used to moderate walks on uneven terrain.
.Outfit: Sport shoes or trekking boots. Comfortable sports wear, long trousers,
warm sweater or pile, water or windproof jacket, sun glasses, sun block, gloves.
.Not include meals & Beverages.
.Not include transfer to the Ushuaia tourist pier.
.Not include entrance fees to the national park, neither boarding fee.
.Optional End of the World Train.


Puerto Iguazu schedule


Day 1
Transfer in Puerto Iguazu Argentina or Foz Iguazu Brazil airport
Flight number
Estimated arrival time
Pick up place airport


Day 2
Brazil Waterfall & Bio center Iguazu
Pick up time 07.00 AM
Return + - 6.00 PM
Tour to the Brazilian waterfalls on the Brazilian side.
Includes transfer to and from the national park with Spanish / English guide to the panoramic viewpoint of the falls.

On return visit Iguzu Biocenter

Unique in the area, with a lush living sample of the different extracts of native flora and fauna and the world.
The route begins in the serpentarium, then passes through El Jardín, with an important sample of orchids and bromeliads among other species.
The walk also includes a butterfly, aquarium, reptiles, birds and plants will give the visitor the magnitude of the region's diversity by comparing them
With its exotic peers from the rest of the world.

With a route through trails in the middle of the vegetation, the visitor can have visual contact with various species. Once the
Walk can enjoy drinks and typical and exotic foods, thus forming a thematic menu (meals and drinks not included)


Day 3
Argentine Waterfalls Full Day + Great Adventure
Pick up time + - 07.00 AM
Return + - 6.00 pm
Includes transfers to the national park from your lodging + Spanish / English guide, walk inside the Iguazú National Park crossing:
SELVA: 8 Kms. Tour in an all-terrain vehicle by the Yacaratiá Trail, to Puerto Macuco.
RIVER: Boarding in semi-rigid gomones sailing 6 km by the Lower Iguazú River with 2 km of rapids.
CASCADES: Entrance to the Devil's Throat Canyon with approach to the jumps and disembarkation in the Island San Martín,
Heart of the Iguazu Falls.


Day 4
Transfer out hotelPuerto Iguazu or Foz Iguazu airport
Flight number
Estimated departure time
Pick up time to confirm the arrival day


Ushuaia schedule


Day 4
Transfer in airport to Hotel
Flight number pending
Estimated arrival time pending
Pick up airport


Day 5
In the morning

Tour to the Tierra del Fuego National Park

Pick up time + - 08:00 am
Returns 01:00 pm
Includes transfers to/from your hotel + guided tour + Ensenada bay + Green lagoon + Roca Lake + Lapataya bay point view + english/spanish tourist guide.


.Optional End of The world Train.

.The "End of the World Train" is an additional activity in the National Park tour,
(exclusionary). The itinerary begin at the Train station just at the entrance to the National Park and
ends in the station within "Tierra del Fuego" the National park (45 minutes),
Here passengers join again the National Park tour and then return to Ushuaia.


Day 5

-In the afternoon

Sea Lions island + Birds island + Les Eclaireurs lighthouse + landing in Bridges islands.

Departure place : Ushuaia tourist pier
Departure time 03:00 pm
Returns 06:00 pm
Include navigation through Beagle channel + sea lions and bird islands + Les Eclaireurs lighthouse + landing in Bridges islands and english/spanish tour guide.
Catamaran/Ferry up to + - 80 passangers.


Day 6
Transfer out hotel to airport
Flight number pending
Estimated departure time pending
Pick up time 2 hours before departure time


.The tour operator can modify the itinerary or shorten the tour depending on the weather conditions in order to avoid accidents,
thus making the best of each tour.
.Services begin and end at the passenger's accomodation within the Cities of Ushuaia adn Puerto Iguazu.
.For hotels outside Ushuaia and Puerto Iguazu cities area, please enquire.
.Advanced reservations guarantee the realisation of the tour.
.The programmes are based on two pasangger's minimum, individual pasangers enquire.
.The activities & services schedules are just examples, passanger's may arrange them as desiree.
.If the return flight is not before 07.00 PM, it can be made it in 6 days.
.If your arrival flight in Iguazu is early than 11.00 AM its possible to make it in 6 days.


Transfers in + out Ushuaia and Iguazu airport to hotel and return, Argentina waterfalls + Great Adventure + Brazilian EWaterfalls and Iguazu Biocenter + Tierra del Fuego national park classic tour + Beagle channel navigation landing in Bridges islands.


  • Tour Guide

.Optional End of The world Train.

.The Train at the End of the World is an additional activity of the visit to Tierra del Fuego National Park (exclusionary) and begin at the Train station just at the entrance
to the Nacional Park and ends within the N.P, here passengers join to the tour and tour in the national park and then return to Ushuaia.

.Not include meals & Beverages.

.Not include boarding fee in Ushuaia U$D 4.- dollars

.Not include entrance fee to the national parks.

.Forigners non residents in Argentina ar$ 350.- pesos argentinos
.Argentinian citizens ar$ 210.- pesos argentinoss
.Children between 16 and 06 years old ar$ 60.- pesos
.Children under 06 years old ar$ 60.- pesos
.Argentinian pensionist (Jubilados), people oldest than 65 years old free.
.Argentinian University students ar$ 50.- pesos argentinos

.The entrance fee you will pay to the national park authorities the day of the tour.

.Boaring fee U$D 2.- x passanger

.The boarding fee you will pay before boarding.

  • Foods and Drinks
  • Entrance fee to the National Park
  • LaunchBox

.Like all activity in the nature "all times" informed about duration of activities are approximate and depend largely on climatic
factors always prioritizing comfort, safety and enjoyment of our customers

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