La Cabaña tea House & Restaurant

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La Cabaña tea House & Restaurant.
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La Cabana Tea house was born 23 years ago as a family enterprise, it only opened on the weekends and I alone was in charge of everything.


All these activities linked me a lot to this city and its community, for 23 years the Casa de te is a space for all of them.Tea House Cottage

At the end of a mountain road is our Tea House, with 23 years of history, has become a classic of Ushuaia. On the banks of the stream Buena Esperanza you can enjoy our specialties:

Great Variety of Tea: Visitor Tea. Tea of ??the Cottage. Special blends. Exquisite "La Cabana" Cafes: With Aunt Maria, Cognac, Kirsch, Irish, Capuchino, etc.

Basket with toast with jam, cream cheese, butter or dulce de leche.

Cakes: Mouse cake, Mouse Pie, Pomegranate Mouse, Lemon Pie, Rogel, Strawberry Cake, Chesse Cake, Apple Pie, Chocolatón, Raspberry Cake, Welsh Cake, Tangerine Cake, Cream Cake and Apricots .
The Cabaña Restaurant

For 10 years "La Cabaña" has opened its doors as a Restaurant, at lunchtime you can taste fast food and at night enjoy the chef's specialties.

Table of Patagonic smoked, trout, goulash of Patagonian lamb

Traditional fondues: Switzerland, Blue, Roseé, German, Bourguignonne.

Chocolate fondue.

These are some of the delicacies that complement the letter of our chef that can be accompanied with the best Argentine wines.


Adress: # 3650, Luis F. Martial street -Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego. Argentina

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