Aires del Beagle

Aparts Hotel en Ushuaia

Availability: Todo el Año

Aires del Beagle.
Ushuaia accommodations, hotels, apartments

Arriving to Ushuaia will make you feel for real all what you´ve ever dream about staying in the end of the world.

AIRES DEL BEAGLE is surrounded for an spectacular and natural sea and mountains landscape, that brings the perfect joint of design,
quality and comfort to make an unforgettable staying.




.1 DUPLEX up to 6 pax
.1 DUPLEX up to 5 pax
.1 STANDARD up to 4 Pax
.2 STANDARD up to 3 pax

Adress: # 616, 17 de mayo - Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego. Argentina


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